RE-LAB is the asset retirement partner for conscious companies


RE-LAB helps corporate social responsibility teams make a positive social impact in a low-touch way.

Our method is simple. We pick up your dispensable IT equipment, handle the e-waste responsibly and direct the remaining value as tax deductible support to non-profits of your choice.


How RE-LAB works

RE-LAB helps you make a real impact you can measure. We breathe new life into end-of-life IT equipment to help conscious companies achieve their sustainability goals.

Move your stuff

1. fill your RE-LAB Cage

We send you a free RE-LAB cage so you can place all unneeded or end-of-life IT equipment inside. A RE-LAB specialist will pick it up every month. RE-LAB can do pickups from from anywhere in the world, and it won't cost you a thing.

Monetize your equipment

2. Monetize old equipment

We recover value from your equipment, repair what we can, and safely dispose of everything else (according to E-Stewards, R2, or ISO 14001 standards.) We do necessary erasure and provide certificates of data destruction (Zero Trace.)

Track your progress

3. Track company progress

Easily track all metrics and KPIs relevant to your corporate social responsibility programs including tons of e-waste diverted from landfill, total donation in dollars, or other KPIs. Share your progress with the entire team.


4. Get a receipt... and repeat

When your donation is complete, RE-LAB will give a tax receipt to your finance department. The process starts again each month: we’ll keep picking up your e-waste and you’ll get even closer to your sustainability targets.

Tax receipt and repeat

Non-profit partners

Here are just a few of the non-profits helped by your IT donations. Help us add more!


Equipment we accept

  • Laptops and computers
  • Monitors and projectors
  • Servers and racks
  • All networking and A/V equipment
  • Data center equipment
  • Biotech equipment 
  • Medical equipment
  • Liquidation partners for closures



How much does RE-LAB CHARGE TO PICK UP OUR iT equipment?

We deliver cages and pick up your IT equipment for free. We use a fraction of the value we reclaim from end-of-life equipment to recoup our basic logistical costs. Our goal is to maximize the value we redirect to our non-profit partners, so we keep our costs low.


How long is my commitment with RE-LAB?

There is no risk to using RE-LAB and you can cancel anytime. Our program is very low-touch, so you can leave a RE-LAB cage in your IT closet even when you don't currently have equipment to donate.


Which locations does RE-LAB serve?

RE-LAB is based in the Bay Area, near San Francisco, CA and we can pick up IT equipment in nearly every country in the world. Contact us about your specific situation.


Our partners in sustainability

We're just getting started. Join these companies and help make difference.


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